Sherri Shepherd by John Sciulli/ Sherri Shepherd by John Sciulli/

You'd think that if the powers that be at The View could seal a deal with Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg, signing Sherri Shepherd would be a piece of cake for them. But to date, the show hasn't been able to reach an agreement with the funny lady, best known for her second-banana gig on Less Than Perfect. What's the holdup?

It's all about the Benjamins.

Though you shouldn't believe what you've read - that the would-be seat-filler is asking for $2 million - she is insisting on more than she is being offered, at least as much as second-tier cohosts Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are getting paid. Says a source close to Shepherd, "Moving her family to the East Coast [from L.A.] full-time is a huge commitment, and both her and her representatives are committed to ABC making it worth her while.

"I think," my mole adds, "that ABC's and Sherri's ideas of 'worth her while' are different."

As a result, the execs are considering other personalities to warm the chair left vacant by Star Jones Reynolds. Kathy Griffin is one option, CNN's Jacque Reid another. In any case, notes my source, "Unless something is worked out soon, it looks like ABC will have to make the announcement over the show's hiatus rather than live on the air, which is what they've ideally been wanting to do."

Despite this major snag, Shepherd still isn't out of the running for the job. "ABC is now going to explore some other options while keeping talks with Sherri ongoing," my spy says. "If they can find another suitable replacement who will work for what they're willing to pay as of now, they'll probably go ahead and offer it to said person, but if people continue to ask for a pay hike, I'd assume Sherri will end up getting it."

This sort of difficulty is hardly a first for The View. "They've run into money problems before," my mole tattles. "Roseanne's asking price was too high when they even mentioned the possibility of her coming on to her representatives. Kathy Griffin also looks to want more than the 'floor' of what they're offering, though her name recognition may warrant a higher salary than some of their possibilities."

What will the outcome be? What do you want it to be? Isn't it a crying shame that everyone short of Phyllis Diller got to try out for the gig, and I never even got called in for it? Debate. Discuss. Decide. - Additional reporting by Ben Katner

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