Iron Man Iron Man

This week's episode of Ultimate Spider-Man is fortified with Iron — Iron Man, that is. Marvel Comics' Golden Avenger makes his debut on the Disney XD series as a mentor to young Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man). Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar voices the brash hero and his alter ego, tech wizard Tony Stark. Peter develops a "man crush" (as one of his teammates calls it) on Stark, whose boundless ego, rule-breaking style and lady-killing swagger make him a risky role model, at least according to non-nonsense S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury.

But an awestruck Spidey is only too happy to take lessons from his idol, including testing out an "Iron Spider" suit that Stark developed for him. As Peter struggles to manage this armored upgrade he must team-up with Iron Man to battle the Living Laser, a disgruntled former Stark employee with seemingly infinite, energy-fueled power.

The episode, "Flight of the Iron Spider" — which also includes a fun cameo by Marvel's G-rated avengers, the Super Hero Squad — airs Sunday, April 22 at 11am/10c, on Disney XD. Check out this exclusive clip: