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Brace yourselves, Glee fans. One of these kids is going to join the ranks at William McKinley.

In this exclusive clip from the premiere of Oxygen's win-a-seven-episode-role-on-Glee reality competition, The Glee Project, 12 hopefuls meet series choreographer Zach Woodlee, who asks them to write their own "Most Likely to Be...." yearbook superlatives.

The Glee Project: The goal is to woo Ryan Murphy

What they say, Woodlee tells them, should be about the character they want to project, or play on Glee. Their descriptions are very important because they will become part of the criteria the show's writers will use to judge the contestants during the competition — Ryan Murphy either wants to write about a self-dubbed "class clown" or he doesn't.

So what do the kids say? Here's where it gets... interesting. One answers she's most likely to "create a charity." Another says she'll be "a country bumpkin."

One, in a baby voice, says she'll be "a child forever." Okay, then!

Check out this video to find out who said what:

Which of these kids can you see in a diva-off with Rachel and Kurt? Or cozying up to Finn? Who best fits in at McKinley? Sound off below.

The Glee Project premieres Sunday, June 12 at 9/8c on Oxygen.