Noah Wyle and Drew Roy Noah Wyle and Drew Roy

In less than three months we'll finally learn what happened to resistance leader Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) after he agreed to board the alien ship in last year's Falling Skies first-season finale. Fans of TNT's hit extraterrestrial-invasion series will be happy to know that answers to their burning questions are coming in Season 2, even as the show expands the scope of the mystery behind the invasion.

TNT has provided TV Guide Magazine with an exclusive first look at this behind-the-scenes video featuring the show's producers and writers, who tease the (as yet) "unanswered questions": What is the aliens' real agenda? Why did they leave so many humans alive? Why are they using children as slaves? What is the true origin of the Skitters?

Falling Skies returns with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, June 17 at 9/8c.

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