Robbie Jones as Quentin on One Tree Hill by Fred Norris/The CW Robbie Jones as Quentin on One Tree Hill by Fred Norris/The CW
Warning: The following contains a spoiler from this week's episode of One Tree Hill. It was the twist that, save for a few ardent, spoiler-craving fans, no one watching Monday night's One Tree Hill saw coming. At the culmination of an episode that underscored his value to friends and the community, Q was tragically shot dead during a gas-station hold-up. Surveying the on-screen repercussions of the death, series creator Mark Schwahn tells, "The loss of Quentin is devastating not only to Nathan, Haley, Skills and Lucas, but also to Jamie who must try to understand the loss of his friend and the finality of death." Schwahn goes on to say that, "Saying goodbye to an actor like Robbie Jones and a character like Quentin was a difficult thing to do." Still, he sees a certain storytelling value in the all-too-real life event. "After writing the episode and again after watching it, I had a profound sense of loss, but I think Episode 603 is startlingly good television - one of our best episodes ever." How do you feel about how the show handled Quentin's death? -

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