Chandler Massey and Alexandra Sgambati Chandler Massey and Alexandra Sgambati

On One Tree Hill, it's almost time for production to start on the Dawson-directed movie adaptation of Lucas' book. But before a single camera starts rolling, Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Haley and Nathan must meet ... "Lucas," "Peyton," "Brooke," "Haley" and "Nathan" — the young, CW-friendly actors who have been cast as Tree Hill's fab five.

Here now, rounded up in their entirety and exclusively for, is the who's who (or, more like "Who? Who? Who? Who? And who?") of the real-life actors filling those choice roles.

Playing the actors who will be playing Lucas and Peyton are Chandler Massey and Alexandra Sgambati (both pictured above). Cassandra Jean, a Texas gal who famously walked off the set of America's Next Top Model during Season 2, will play the starlet who, in the course of boning up on Brooke, very amusingly grills the troubled Tree Hiller on her super-smoky voice and checkered love life.

Channeling Nathan and Haley for the film will be Matthew Atkinson (photo) and Elizabeth Lynn Hingley (photo).

But will Lucas' dream of seeing his story on the silver screen ultimately be dashed? Will the duplicitous and drug-dabbling Dixon implode on his promise to be true to Lucas' tome and "make the little things the big things"?

Check later this week for sneak-peek clips of the Feb. 2 Bethany Joy Galeotti-directed One Tree Hill, when "Lucas," "Peyton," "Brooke," "Haley" and "Nathan" make their debut.