Splash Splash

It's time for one last pool party!

Splash's season finale on Tuesday (8/7c, ABC) won't just feature the final three — extreme skier Rory Bushfield, Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert and Drake & Josh's Drake Bell — hitting the water, but the previously eliminated seven contestants as well.

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"Everybody is going to be there and everybody does some kind of antic," Louie Anderson tells TVGuide.com. "We all do something on our dives that represents who we are in our other lives." Even acrophobe

Kendra Wilkinson, who quit in the third episode? "She does something. All the eliminated people except one do a dive. But it would be a mistake to think that's Kendra."Splash: The story behind those ridiculous theme songs Anderson, who infamously couldn't pull himself out of the pool in the first practice, will perform what he calls the "healthy, anybody-can-do-this dive" that will send a literal message to viewers at home. "I'm wearing a shirt that has a message written in words," the comedian, who's inspired a little girl to learn to swim, says. "The dive's for everybody who thinks they can't, but I know they can and they will. My journey on the show was about inspiring myself and others. I'm trying to eat really healthy now. That would've never happened had I not made this journey. So I want to tell people to get off the couch and try."Louie Anderson dives "for America" and captions Splash GIFs As for the final three, Anderson isn't surprised that the "fearless" Bushfield, "unbelievable" Eggert and "too competitive" Bell made it. But he is bummed that Brandi Chastain — to whom he ceded the Week 5 dive-off after he came back to replace Katherine Webb — fell just short of the final. "I was like, 'Huh, I gave up my spot for her. What did I do that for?'" he jokes. "Brandi was good and I was not going to let them vote me off again. I got to leave on my terms there. ... But now I'm back one more time." Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the finale below. Splash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.