Emily Bergl and Derek Richardson by Sergei Bachlakov/ABC Emily Bergl and Derek Richardson by Sergei Bachlakov/ABC

Searching for true love? Forget Paris. Hop a plane to Elmo, Alaska Squamish, British Columbia and ask for directions to the Men in Trees set.

Emily Bergl and Derek Richardson - who play adorable (and in-love) misfits Annie and Patrick on ABC's criminally neglected romantic dramedy - have become the latest Trees couple to find love off screen, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively. "They started dating last year," whispers a Trees insider. "They're happy and in love."

This is the second instance of life imitating art on Tree's tucked-away Canadian set. During the show's first season, a then-spoken-for Anne Heche fell for her married leading man, James Tupper. The pair have since left their respective spouses and remain very much an item.

I don't know about you guys, but there's something about all of these Trees duos coupling up in real life that warms my cold heart. Now, if only ABC would show MIT half as much love as the actors have shown each other, maybe we'd all get our happy ending. Speaking of which, don't forget to catch MIT in its new Wednesday at 10 pm/ET time slot beginning Feb. 27. Mark your calendars. Using erasable ink.