Sarah Chalke by Jesse Grant/ Sarah Chalke by Jesse Grant/

OMFG, she is so the mother! I think.

I'm hearing from multiple sources that Sarah Chalke is in advanced talks to reprise her role as Ted's possible future wife on How I Met Your Mother.

In fact, just moments ago, Chalke's Mother crush himself, Josh Radnor - here to shoot a guest appearance for next week's Ausiello Report vodcast - confirmed that we'd probably be seeing Stella for a "few more episodes" this season. He was quick to add, however, that he has no clue whether or not she's the mother. "I really don't know," he said, "nor do I ask."

Radnor also pleaded ignorance regarding the possibility of Britney Spears returning as Chalke's unhinged assistant, although he expressed confidence that exec producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas "could write a great plot for her to come back."

Neil Patrick Harris may prove a harder sell. Radnor's costar told the Associated Press that too much of Spears may not be a good thing. "I'm in the minority that our show does not need stunt casting in order to succeed," he said. "I worry that if they start Will & Grace-ing us too much, the show will suffer. And we're all really proud of the content of the show. I mean, viewership is not our game. It's the network and the studio's game, you know. It's the promotion department's game."

Can't say I disagree with him on that.

But enough about Spears. This story is about Chalke, and I'm curious: How many of you are hoping she's the mom?

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