Tatum O'Neal by Michael Wong/FX Tatum O'Neal by Michael Wong/FX

Despite her recent skirmish with the law, Tatum O'Neal is expected back at work at FX's Rescue Me the next instance she is needed.

"We want to bring her back, and I haven't heard anything about why she wouldn't be available to us," series cocreator Peter Tolan told me during a sitdown to promote the indie Finding Amanda, which he wrote and directed. "It's a misdemeanor, so she's not going to do time, and nobody has said to us we can't insure her or anything like that. So I'm assuming she's available to us and it's 'business as usual.'"

O'Neal's publicist confirms that she is back at the grindstone, ready for more Rescue Me as well as promoting the Lifetime movie Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal.

At the time of her June 1 arrest (on charges of possession of a controlled substance), O'Neal had filmed two episodes for Rescue Me's fifth season (arriving in spring 2009). Seeing as her and Tommy's father passed on when last we tuned in, her services certainly will be needed. Says Tolan, "We've already started to do some stuff with her that hooks into the death and where that sends her, Tommy and Uncle Teddy." - Matt Mitovich

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