History is being made in the Ausiello Report this morning, folks. For the first time ever, I'm going to write a sentence that contains the words " 'Til" and " Death" in it. But I think it's warranted since, well, it's a big ol' piece of prattle.

A tipster with close ties to the Fox sitcom tells me that Brad Garrett has persuaded his former TV bro Ray Romano to make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode (airdate TBD). This would mark the duo's first on-screen reunion since Everybody Loves Raymond signed off in May '05.

Garrett's no doubt hoping this bit of stunt casting will bring Death to life in the ratings, where it's been struggling pretty much since day one. The show is also expected to get a boost when it moves to Wednesdays after the American Idol results show beginning Feb. 27.

Thoughts? Will a Romano cameo get you to watch 'Til Death? Do you think less of me for giving the show more press?