Cloo, the NBCUniversal cable network formerly known as Sleuth, as ordered its first-ever original show.

Killer Instinct, a 13-part true-crime series, will premiere Saturday, Sept. 17 on the crime-and-mystery channel. The one-hour show explores some of the country's most notorious crimes, as seen through the eyes of FBI criminal profiler Mark Safarik.

Safarik, who has helped solve countless high-profile cases, will show how he analyzes crime scenes, figures out evidence and eventually unmasks killers. The show will include a confrontation between Safarik and one convict, as well as re-creations and interviews with law enforcement agents.

Peacock Productions, the NBC News unit that produces unscripted fare for various networks, is behind the show. Up until now, Sleuth has aired a mix of procedurals, such as NCIS, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Monk, as well as movies. But the arrival of original fare on Cloo comes as NBCUniversal looks to build up its smaller "emerging networks."

TV Guide Magazine first reported the channel's name change, from Sleuth to Cloo, in April. Although NBCUniversal hasn't yet confirmed a changeover date, it's believed that the move to Cloo will become permanent on Aug. 15.

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