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Just when you thought he was out ...

The Mob Doctor's pilot episode ended with a literal bang when mob boss Paul Moretti (Michael Rapaport) was gunned down by former mob leader Constantine Alexander (William Forsythe) right in front of Grace (Jordana Spiro). But the end of last week's episode revealed that Moretti didn't actually die.

"I think Moretti being alive changes things drastically for Constantine and what he's trying to do," Rapaport says in the exclusive video below. "Moretti wants power, Moretti wants money. ... He wants the throne."

"Everybody's in for a big surprise," Rapaport promises. "It's like a ghost coming to life."

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As viewers saw last week, Moretti has enlisted the help of Constantine's own right-hand man (and Grace's ex), Franco (James Carpinello), to take his successor down. In Monday's episode, Moretti enlists Franco to help him find a woman named Peggy, whom Moretti calls "my ticket back to Chicago." But who's side is Franco really on?

"Franco looks out for Franco and Franco looks out for Grace," Carpinello hints.

Watch the full video teaser below, and catch a new episode of The Mob Doctor tonight at 9/8c on Fox.