Jamie Lynn Spears may be getting ready for a new arrival and taking the SATs, but she isn't stepping out of TV entirely. The former Zoey 101 star will be guesting on the second ep of ABC's

Miss/Guided, March 20 (8 pm/ET), following its premiere March 18. The new comedy centers on Becky Freeley (Judy Greer), a former uber-awkward teen who's now returning to her alma mater as the school's guidance counselor. In the first episode, Spears will play, appropriately, a student who's gotten good news from a college, but may toss it all aside if it affects her romantic life - which, we all know, can be pretty intense in high school. Judging by this exclusive first photo of JLS' tarted-up character, that romantic life seems to be going well! But man, why does she look so familiar in such an outfit and getting out of the car like that...? Also guesting in the eppy is Ashton Kutcher, playing a substitute Spanish teacher, aka a guapo love interest for Becky. - Anna Dimond Related: " Jamie Lynn Passes in GED 101 " Kutcher, Banks Collaborate on No-brainer Reality Show