Ben 10: Race Against Time courtesy Cartoon Network Ben 10: Race Against Time courtesy Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network's expansion into live-action programming takes another giant step in November with Ben 10: Race Against Time, a feature-length version of the network's popular animated series.

Ben 10 follows 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, who, thanks to an intergalactic device called the omnitrix, can transform into 10 different superpowered aliens. Keeping the occasionally mischievous Ben on track are his cousin Gwen and his Grandpa Max. In Race Against Time, Graham Phillips ( Evan Almighty) and Haley Ramm ( X-Men: The Last Stand) play Ben and Gwen, while veteran actor Lee Majors ( The Six Million Dollar Man, The Fall Guy) plays Grandpa.

Directing the movie is Alex Winter, perhaps best known for his role in front of the camera as Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Winter knows the scrutiny on this project will be tough - especially from his 8-year-old son, Leroy. "I had him and his entire second-grade class watching over me, like an amalgamated studio chairman," says Winter. "They made sure I didn't mess up their favorite TV show."

With the project budgeted at a little over $5 million, Winter had to make some tough calls regarding pricey special effects, and only four of Ben's alter egos will be seen. "We don't have all the aliens because it was important to not spread ourselves too thin," Winter says. "I didn't want to have 10-15 crummy-looking aliens. I would rather have [four] really fantastic looking aliens." - Reporting by Danny Spiegel

For a look at the full version, click here and check out the trailer here.