When NBC's critically acclaimed (yet undeservedly ratings-anemic) Kidnapped returns with new episodes this Saturday at 9 pm/ET, life will not get any easier for the Cains. As series creator Jason Smilovic previews for TVGuide.com, "Over the next few episodes, we delve deeper into the lives of both the Cains and the perpetrators, while Leopold, still in limbo in Mexico, has made himself gravely ill [in] a daring plan that could cost him his life."

Back at home, freelancer Knapp and FBI agent King try to work the case while keeping it out of the headlines, "but when the news finally breaks," Smilovic says, "the kidnappers deliver a shocking message to the Cains, suggesting there's more to the kidnapping than the kidnapping itself." OK, I am so not watching Single White Female 2 on Lifetime this Saturday as planned.