Kevin Sorbo by Todd Williamson/ Kevin Sorbo by Todd Williamson/

Lest there be any doubt that The Middleman is deserving of some sci-fi/adventure geek cred, Kevin Sorbo of Andromeda and Hercules fame has been tapped to guest-star in the Aug. 11 episode of the brand-new ABC Family series.

How cool is that, you ask? Let me tell you just how cool : Sorbo will be playing a 1969 Middleman who had been cryogenically frozen a la Austin Powers - though hopefully boasting better teeth. The retro problem-solver is thawed out when his old arch nemesis, The Candle, resurfaces in the present day and vexes Matt Keeslar's own Middleman.

Can you dig it, Sorbo fans? Does this news make you horny happy? - Matt Mitovich

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