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CBS has already revealed that Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men character is heartbroken, and now we know who's to blame. Judy Greer has signed on to join the cast of Men in a recurring role as Kutcher's soon-to-be ex-wife.

Greer will play Bridget, who's in the process of divorcing Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt (Kutcher). She'll be seen in several episodes of the show.

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Having broken up with his wife, Schmidt buys the home of the recently deceased Charlie Harper (as you've probably read by now, it's true: Charlie Sheen's character is dead). But Schmidt is so needy that he convinces Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones) to stick around.

"He is maladroit socially, which allows me to form a sort of mentor relationship with him," Cryer tells TV Guide Magazine. "Which is of course, ridiculous, because my character is such a mess as a human being."

Cryer, Kutcher and Jones sat down this month with TV Guide Magazine for their first joint interview as the new Two and a Half Men trio. The stars have only shot a handful of episodes so far, but say the mood on the set has quickly gone from intense to upbeat. "There was a lot of expectations the first week and a lot of uncertainty," Cryer says. "But that really got popped the second (Kutcher) showed up. And what has been since then has really been euphoric. We've got a whole new playground to play in."

Kutcher says he's not focused on how a rebooted Two and a Half Men might perform in the ratings but instead says his job "is entertaining one person." Says Kutcher: "I'm going to work as hard as I can to deliver on the promise I made to come and play this character."

As for Greer, it's a quick return to CBS' Monday night lineup, having starred in last season's short-lived sitcom Mad Love. The casting is also a reunion of sorts for Greer and Kutcher. Greer starred in the 2008 ABC comedy Miss/Guided, which was executive produced by Kutcher and his Katalyst Films production company. (Kutcher also guest-starred on an episode.)

Greer's also no stranger to Two and a Half Men viewers. She played Myra, a love interest for Charlie Harper, on two episodes in 2007. (Myra was also the sister to Herb, who's now married to Alan's ex-wife.) But as Walden Schmidt's ex, Greer is playing a completely different character.

Greer's additional credits include Arrested Development, Love Monkey, Californication and the voice of Cheryl on Archer. She also guest starred on another Chuck Lorre series, The Big Bang Theory. Her feature credits include Love and Other Drugs, 27 Dresses and the upcoming The Descendants.

For more insight on how Kutcher wound up on Two and a Half Men, as well as more scoop on the show's landmark ninth season and an exclusive photo shoot with the three stars, check out TV Guide Magazine's Fall Preview issue, which hits newsstands on September 8.

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