Jorja Fox by Andrew MacPherson/CBS Jorja Fox by Andrew MacPherson/CBS
CSI boss Carol Mendelsohn wasn't pulling my leg when she told me last October that we haven't seen the last of Sara Sidle. Sources confirm that

Jorja Fox has inked a deal to return for the show's ninth-season premiere next fall. Specifics of her comeback are being kept under lock and key, but my CSI mole assures me that she "won't be appearing in a flashback." The likely scenario has Sara returning to Vegas to shag Grissom mourn ex-colleague Warrick, who was shot (and presumably) killed in last week's finale. I say "presumably" because in the current issue of TV Guide, Mendelsohn says Gary Dourdan will be back in the fall - and "not just in flashbacks." I've got three words for you: Gut-wrenching death scene. For more on Fox's CSI return, pick up next week's season finale fallout-themed issue of TV Guide, which I'm hearing is a veritable spoilerpalooza! In the meantime, post your thoughts on Fox's mini-comeback in the comments section below. - Additional reporting by Carita Rizzo