Ivan Sergei by Jemal Countess/ WireImage.com Ivan Sergei by Jemal Countess/ WireImage.com

He who once was Jack & Jill's Jill is now Betty's nephew - and a long-lost one at that.

Ivan Sergei, whose TV credits also include a run on Crossing Jordan, will surface at Betty's Bar and Grill in the season finale of Lifetime's Army Wives, TVGuide.com has learned.

Sergei's character won't arrive with his heart set on a family reunion, however. Rather, he will immediately "make waves with Roxy," sources tell me. (I'll let you read into that what you will... though you'd probably be wrong, darn it.)

Army Wives kicks off a string of five new episodes this Sunday, with the Season 2 finale slated for Nov. 2. - Matt Mitovich