Hector Elizondo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com Hector Elizondo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

Well, we kinda knew Monk couldn't go too long without an analyst, right? So, tragic as is the April 8 death of Stanley Kamel - aka the neurotic's Dr. Kroger - a USA Network spokesperson confirms to me exclusively that Hector Elizondo has been tapped to join Monk as Tony Shalhoub's new shrink. There's no word on how his character will be introduced, but he'll first turn up in the show's seventh season premiere on July 18.

On a related note, Elizondo's hiring would seem to signal that CBS' Cane is a goner.

So what's your take, peeps? Will you have a harder time adjusting to seeing Monk on someone else's couch than he'll have being on someone else's couch? Or do you remember Elizondo so fondly from Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries that you'll actually be psyched to see him take a role on a show you actually watch? Share your thoughts below!