Grimm Grimm

It's a good thing Nick's mom has come back. The new Grimm needs all the help he can get with a slew of dangerous Wesen.

When Grimm returns Monday (10/9c, NBC) with all-new episodes, Nick is still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his mother is still alive and fighting the good Grimm fight. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee are trying to figure out how to awaken Juliette from her cat-scratch-induced coma, and Capt. Renard attempts to reconnect with his estranged brother (guest star James Frain).

Grimm Season 1 Recap: "This is a total freakshow!"

As always, fantastical creatures will be plaguing Nick's investigations, as we can see in this bloody clip from the Season 2 premiere:

Grimm returns Monday with all-new episodes before moving to its usual Friday timeslot on Friday, Sept. 21 at 9/8c.