Well, not literally revives. This isn't The X-Files, after all. But a source with close ties to Seattle Grace tells me that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Grey's as Izzie's late fiancé, in an episode to air later this season. And, since Denny's ticker clearly tocked for the last time back in May, it seems safe to assume that he'll appear in either a dream sequence or a newly created flashback. Of course, if Shonda Rhimes wants to get really creative, I suppose he could also come back as:

" Kenny, Denny's long-lost (and, natch, evil) twin. Just as Izzie is starting to feel a little bit merrier about being Denny-less, her ill-fated mate's doppelgänger shows up on her doorstep to claim his share of her $8.7 million inheritance.

" A ghost. At the opening ceremonies of the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, the dearly departed's spirit appears just in time to cut both the ribbon and the tension. At that moment, Burke drops dead of a heart attack, and, as Izzie looks on, radiant, her beloved offers to serve as Dr. Crankypants' escort to heaven.

" Denny's corpse. In a very special installment titled "Grave's Anatomy," Izzie suffers a Denny-fueled relapse, races to the cemetery in her wedding dress, digs up his grave and crawls into the coffin with what's left of him. Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" plays in the background. Of the entire hour.

" An ET. Yeah, yeah, I know I said this isn't The X-Files. But in a Roswell-ian twist, a Denny look-alike could beam himself into Seattle Grace as a spaceman suffering from an acute case of, ahem, alienation. He takes an immediate shine to Izzie (as so many fellows with this particular face do), but he mysteriously insists on calling her Isabel.

" A war correspondent named Jack who checks into Seattle Grace to undergo an emergency tonsilectomy. While prepping him for surgery, Izzie pops the question and the two tie the knot. Unfortunately, the marriage ends when Jack gets called off to war and is spun off as Shonda Rhimes' new ABC pilot about war correspondents who may or may not have pretty exes back in Seattle.

Can you think of any other possible scenarios that could bring JDM back to Grey's? Well, spill!