Matt Czuchry by Michael Caulfield/ Matt Czuchry by Michael Caulfield/

Nobody can ever say that Matt Czuchry is a victim of typecasting. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Czuchry is following up his memorable stint as hard-living bad boy Logan on Gilmore Girls with an arc on Friday Night Lights as - I kid you not - a devout Christian. Natch, he's being introduced to the show via the newly religious Lyla. He'll first show up in FNL's 12th episode when Lyla guests on his Christian radio show.

So what do you think, people? Is this some heaven-sent casting news - can I get an amen? - or did the devil make FNL do it? Feel free, and in fact obliged, to discuss. Silent prayer is all well and good, but nicely typed debates go over way better in this forum. - Additional reporting by Ben Katner