Tiara courtesy Doris Panos Designs Tiara courtesy Doris Panos Designs

When Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry told TV Guide that he wouldn't dream of skimping on Gaby's upcoming wedding, he wasn't kidding: Eva Longoria will be wearing a $1.3 million tiara designed by Doris Panos when she walks down the aisle in the season finale.

The tiara - see our exclusive photo, at right - is made of 15 carats' worth of diamonds, and is being flown in from Basel, Switzerland, and hand-carried to Los Angeles. It will arrive at the set in a Brinks truck on Monday morning.

"We figured Gaby is a rich little girl who is used to the best of everything," says Housewives costume supervisor Karo Vartanian, who met Panos, a New York-based designer, at a gem show a few years ago. "Since she's marrying this much richer guy, Victor, giving her a tiara would be perfect." So Vartanian and his team reached out to five different jewelry designers asking for their ideas. "This was absolutely the best one," says Vartanian. "It's actually a choker, which can be worn upside down as a tiara. It makes it more versatile, since less and less people wear tiaras these days."

But given its seven-figure price tag, how could Gaby have paid for such a costly bauble? "She could not have afforded it before her divorce from Carlos," says Vartanian, "but certainly Victor can. Let's just say Victor is not surprised to see it on their wedding day." - Reporting by Mary Murphy