Kristine Lefebvre by Jeff Vespa/ Kristine Lefebvre by Jeff Vespa/

Even though fired Apprentice contestant Kristine Lefebvre will be posing in the June issue of Playboy, that doesn't mean she's giving up her day job. "I'm still and will continue to be a practicing attorney," she tells TVGuide. "I hope to use Apprentice and Playboy to put a face on cervical cancer. Now that there is a vaccine for it, it just seems that people should be aware of its ramifications."

Lefebvre, 37, a Los Angeles lawyer who has negotiated Playboy Magazine deals for Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson, is a cervical cancer survivor. And she credits the Apprentice for helping her dig out of a post-illness depression. "I'm in a state of elation now," Lefebvre says, "The Apprentice truly gave me my life back and I couldn't be happier."

It was only a year ago when she was devastated by the hysterectomy she needed to treat her cancer - which took away her chance for a much-wanted biological child. Then, six weeks before she joined the show, an adoption she and her husband, Ludovic Lefebvre had hoped for fell through. Looking back on the earliest Apprentice episodes, even she was surprised to see how "sunken" she appeared.

Now, she and her husband have been approved for an adoption in China and she's hoping to use the "Playboy money" to finance a surrogate for the 10 frozen embryos she harvested before her surgery. Lefebvre and her husband, a professional chef, are also in escrow to sell their home, in order to help finance a new restaurant.

Despite being fired by Trump, she and the billionaire "have a great relationship [of] mutual respect." And Trump agrees: "I think Playboy has very good taste." - N.F. Mendoza