Alyssa Milano by John Shearer/ Alyssa Milano by John Shearer/

Sounds like there's some good frakkin' karma headin' Earl Hickey's way.

My Name is Earl has tapped Alyssa Milano to join the cast as a possible love interest for Jason Lee. According to sources, the ex-sorceress is on board for a minimum of eight episodes, although an Earl insider disputes that, insisting she's only signed for three. Earl meets Milano's tough and quirky character through fellow inmate Frank (Michael Rapaport). The two bond and, through a bizarre twist of fate that harkens back to a seminal moment in Earl's past, he ends up teaching her the ins-and-outs of karma (note: karma very well could be a euphamism for something dirtier here).

More casting prattle coming, so please stand by. In the meantime, discuss Milano's tube return in the comments section below.

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