Check. Mate.

After being pressured to run contraband on last week's Criminal Minds lest he get his ass kicked again, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) makes a game-changing move on Wednesday's episode.

As seen in our exclusive sneak peek, during a game of chess with Shaw (Harold Perrineau), Reid tells his fellow incarcerated agent that he's not going to move the drugs, much to Shaw's shock. "They're going to beat you again," he warns Reid. "Might even kill you."

Reid is not concerned, though, because he's about call Shaw's bluff. "Calvin, I think you're the one who pulls the strings in here," he says. "You decide when to help, you decide when to look away. And you have a lot of friends and they're afraid of you, so they play your little game."

GIF via Giphy

Needless to say, Shaw is not amused. Normally, we'd be a little more concerned about Reid, but you know he means business with this death stare.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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