Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds by Sonja Flemming/CBS Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds by Sonja Flemming/CBS

CBS will unveil on Friday night its first promo for the new season of Criminal Minds. Helping deliver the message with style will be veteran rockers AC/DC, has learned exclusively.

Running in 30- and 60-second versions, the TV spot is best described (by myself) as "goose bump-tastic," and is sure to tease hardcore viewers with fleeting images (watch a bloodied Hotch collapse at the hospital!), flashes (another, massive explosion) and sound bites from the immediate aftermath of the season-finale SUV bombing that critically injured at least one and possibly two team members.

Laying the pulse-pounding foundation for the promo is AC/DC's "Rock 'N' Roll Train," from the band's first studio album in eight years, Black Ice (streeting Oct. 21). Minds exec producer Ed Bernero, having been afforded an advance listen to the track a while back, seized the chance to edit the promo himself. "We love AC/DC," he tells me, "and just wanted to play with our images and this amazing piece of music."

Is Bernero perhaps afraid that the sneak peek gives away too much about who lives and dies? "You know, I just want people to watch the premiere [airing Sept. 24]," he says. "You can see by the spot that it's a little different for us. It's action from start to finish, and we want people to know that."

"Plus," he notes, "a trailer is not necessarily in continuity. You may not be getting as much spoiler info as you think." Indeed, be careful not to be misled by images culled from the season finale.

Update: Just this morning, I watched the season premiere in full, and it is absolutely fantastic. Real edge-of-your-seat stuff. Do not call me names, but I literally had to wipe tears from my eyes at the end. Damn you, [character who delivers an emotional "goodbye" at the end]! - Matt Mitovich

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