Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez

Chuck's Zachary Levi interrogates costar and new superagent Joshua Gomez.

Josh: Let's just get one thing straight. If you dare to Barbara Walters me and make me cry, it ain't gonna happen. 

Zac: OK, so tell me about your childhood...

Josh: It was in New Jersey...

Zac: [Laughs] That's all you need to cry, really. Anyway, Josh, I'm honored to be here.

Josh: I'm honored to be here, having you honor me.

Zac: You could lie a little better than that! It's the first time I've ever interviewed anyone. This is an opportunity for me to spread my wings in journalism. Which is good considering I will soon be without a job.  

Josh: I thought it was smart of TV Guide Magazine to get you to interview me because usually, we're being interviewed together and we answer not a single question.

Zac: I will not let you off the hook! OK, let's bring the viewers up to speed. When we last saw Chuck, Morgan, Sarah Yvonne Strahovski and Casey Adam Baldwin at the end of Season 4, they were no longer working for the government. 

Josh: They've formed their own private-security firm, Carmichael Industries, because Volkoff Timothy Dalton left them all this money.

Zac: Of all the wedding gifts that Chuck and Sarah could get, $877 million...

Josh: It kind of tops all of the other gifts — that and the Viking coffeemaker.

Zac: And how'd that money work out for them?

Josh: Uh, it's gone. [Laughter] Morgan eats a lot of shrimp.

Zac: Just ungodly amounts of crustaceans. So where does Morgan fit in to this scenario?

Josh: He is now the Intersect — the Carmichael Industries' secret weapon. But it doesn't work out so well for Morgan.

Zac: What happens?

Josh: Morgan gets pretty douchey. He goes a little rogue. 

Zac: Kind of like the "one true ring" thing? 

Josh: That's the perfect analogy. Boromir sets out for good, to end the war and help humankind in The Lord of the Rings, but it makes him nuts.  

Zac: It does eventually give him the superhuman strength to take seven arrows in the chest.

Josh: One of the greatest deaths — it's so good.

Zac: How does that guy get the greatest death scene ever? Were you excited to get the Intersect in the show's final season?

Josh: I was swallowed by absolute paranoia and fear.

Zac: That's just you coming through.

Josh: That's just about coming to work, ever. Intersect or not. [Laughter] I am literally hanging on to Adam Baldwin's pant leg like a child.

Zac: Upsies! Upsies!

Josh: Upsies, Daddy! No, but I was excited because as an actor you relish new challenges.

Zac: There are defects with the new Intersect. Coded into it is something that starts to affect Morgan. It transforms him. What was that turn like for you?

Josh: Fun. And to do that while standing next to Carrie-Anne Moss on a helipad in downtown L.A.? Definitely cool.

Zac: I haven't seen a 180 turn like that since... I don't know, Urkel becoming cool or whatever. Or was it his cousin Myrtle? It's that kind of...

Josh: Gravitas. I drew a lot from his commitment, the way he sort of became and lived that.

Zac: Any other fun guest stars coming up this season?

Josh: Rebecca Romijn. She was great. In one scene, she comes through the door to Casey's apartment and she flashes her CIA badge, the picture that they used — and she didn't know they were going to do it — was of her as Mystique! We were laughing and she was like...

Zac: Do I have a booger?

Josh: Very funny. And Mark Hamill was such a trip. It's been really fun [filming] this final season. I can't believe we're this far into it already.

Zac: Yeah, we're halfway done. How does that make you feel?

Josh: I'm so happy to give this farewell to the fans. The con is that we are ending. Everything ends and that's — ah, see, I knew you were going to try to get me to, uh... [tears up]

Zac: [In a Barbara Walters voice] Josh, this is your Baba Wawa moment.

Josh: Truth is, I just don't know how I'm going to say goodbye. 

Zac: There's no way we can escape each other. We have each other's Xbox Live gamer tags. Well, this has been a treat. I've always wanted to do this. I have so much love and respect for you, buddy.

Josh: Likewise!

Chuck premieres Friday, October 28 at 8/7c on NBC.