On Sunday's episode of Chicago Justice, Stone (Philip Winchester) has what initially appears to be a random connection to a drowning victim.

After a woman's body is pulled from the river with her hands tied and a jury summons in her pocket, Stone recognizes her as someone who recently served on the jury for one of his cases, and entered a "guilty" vote against a notorious gangbanger. "She begged to be let off the case," Stone regretfully tells his colleagues in our exclusive sneak peek, after Antonio (Jon Seda) notes that it seems like she was alive when she went into the water.

Naturally, Stone assumes that the apparent murder is somehow connected to his previous case, and is clearly feeling some sense of responsibility because he didn't dismiss the woman from the jury pool. But, as the team will discover, her death is much more complicated than that, and actually wasn't even a murder at all.

Chicago Justice airs Sundays at 9/8c on NBC.