Alaina Huffman courtesy Warner Bros., Black Canary courtesy DC Comics Alaina Huffman courtesy Warner Bros., Black Canary courtesy DC Comics
Smallville is expanding its superhero roster this winter. Executive producer Al Gough confirms for that Black Canary will make her first appearance on the CW series in the Jan. 10 episode. Playing the role will be Canadian actress Alaina Huffman, who had a supporting role in Sci Fi Channel's

Painkiller Jane. As comic fans know, where there's Black Canary, the Green Arrow can't be far behind. Indeed, the episode, titled "Siren," will feature the return of the Emerald Archer (played by popular guest star Justin Hartley), last seen in January heading off with his newly formed Justice League. In DC Comics lore, the two crimefighters have a long and complicated romantic history. But in a unique twist, Smallville will pit them against each other - at least initially. "When we meet her, she's a vigilante working for Lex Luthor," Gough says. The Justice League "has been keeping their eyes on Lex and trying to thwart him at every turn." Fed up, Lex "will say to Black Canary, if you can bring me the head of the Green Arrow, I'll make it very much worth your while." Like her comic-book counterpart, Smallville's version is a martial-arts expert whose superpower is a "canary cry" - a high-pitched scream that can shatter objects and take down opponents. And, yes, she will sport the fishnet stockings that are a trademark of the character's costume. So will romance eventually bloom between Green Arrow and Black Canary? "It's the very beginning of their relationship," Gough says. "At the end of the episode you clearly see that they have some sparks." - Reporting by Rich Sands