Cylon Centurions courtesy NBC Universal Cylon Centurions courtesy NBC Universal

This is officially the coolest frackin' sci-fi collectible ever - and it'll only set you back $7,900! Fans of Battlestar Galactica can now purchase their very own 7-foot-tall, museum-quality Cylon Centurion complete with stereo sound and a menacing red LED-scanning eye. "This is not a mass-produced item from China; they're each handmade, signed and numbered by me in my L.A. studio," says craftsman Fred Barton, who specializes in high-end replicas of famous bots ( Forbidden Plant's Robby, Lost in Space's B9 and - coming soon - Star Wars' C3PO and R2-D2). "The Centurions are a rarity among collectibles because there's no original model. They're computer-generated for TV. This is the only way to see one in person."

Barton, who is marketing the Centurions via a licensing agreement with NBC Universal, says his "customers range from plumbers and brain surgeons to Nicolas Cage and Tim Allen." Also available is a life-size Centurion from the classic 1978-80 ABC series that spawned the current Sci Fi Channel hit - albeit with one modification. "The first Centurions were created during the disco era with glitzy, ultra-shiny armor that would look pretty cheap by today's standards," says Barton. "We've remade them with a reflective showroom finish that's much more sophisticated."

Each Centurion is made to order (via or; allow 6 to 8 weeks) and will arrive in a protective crate at your front door, fully assembled. Notes Barton with a laugh: "We don't want any Christmas-morning headaches!" - Michael Logan

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