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Some things never change. And yahoo for that! Suds icon Andrea Evans is heading back to The Bold and the Beautiful after a 10-year absence to play Tawny, the trailer-trash gold-digger who spawned that royal pain Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz). As usual, Tawny will be looking for a hand-out and intends to hit up her kid, whom she thinks is doing well in the L.A. fashion biz. She has no idea Amber recently got canned.

"Tawny has lost her job at the tollbooth back in Furnace Creek and she's lost her trailer, too," says Evans. "She's thinking her daughter is rich and will help her out — and, as always, I assume she's up to no good!" Evans briefly played Tawny on The Young and the Restless last spring but hasn't been seen on B&B since the wedding of Becky and C.J. in 2000. Her return airdate is set for December 29. The actress is currently booked for four episodes with the door left open for more, according to a B&B rep.

"I have always adored B&B and the way [head-writer/exec producer] Brad Bell writes for me," says Evans, who gained daytime superstardom back in the '80s playing vixen Tina Lord on One Life to Live. She also had a long run as the social-climbing Rebecca Hotchkiss on Passions. Notes the actress with a laugh: "There seems to be a running theme through all my characters. They all want money. And they're all pretty conniving — but what sets Tawny apart from the rest is that she's just not very good at it!"

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