All you King of Queens fans complaining that I never talk about your favorite show, quit your bitchin' 'cause I've got some scoop!

A little birdie with ties to the soon-to-conclude sitcom tells me that Adam Sandler taped a guest appearance last night for an episode slated to air in April. The erstwhile Billy Madison plays a goofy high-school chum of Kevin James'. The two reconnect at their class reunion, but there's a twist: Sandler's character, the ex-class clown, is now the school's vice principal!

How'd producers pull off such a casting coup? Reps for the show declined to comment, but it's a safe bet that Sandler did it as a favor to James, his costar in the upcoming gay-buddy comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Just a hunch.

Queens, meanwhile, returns to CBS' sked Apr. 9 with the first of the series' seven final episodes.

Quick sidebar: I caught an episode of Queens on a recent American Airlines flight, and, I must say, it was really funny. Granted, that was after three glasses of wine, but still. Who (aside from TV Guide's Bruce Fretts) knew?