Rory Cochrane by John Sciulli/ Rory Cochrane by John Sciulli/

And this ain't no hallucination, either, Speedle fans.

Rory Cochrane, whose dearly departed CSI: Miami character managed to resurface last season (as an ethereal vision of Delko's), has joined the ensemble of Fox's 24 for this coming season, sources tell me exclusively. Cochrane will be filling the recurring role of Greg Seaton, a crony of Jon Voight's big very baddie.

Jack Bauer et al isn't the only good company Cochrane is keeping these days. He recently wrapped Michael Mann's Public Enemies, playing G-man Carter Baum alongside Christian Bale's Melvin Purvis, as they together pursue Johnny Depp's John Dillinger.

What say you, "Speed freaks"? Short of another hard-to-explain Miami visit, is this a welcome return to the smaller screen for Cochrane? - Matt Mitovich