Question: Why exactly is Diane Farr leaving Rescue Me?

Answer: "There are five really good reasons," she says. Chief among them: Numbers shoots in Los Angeles; Rescue Me doesn't. "I moved to L.A. eight years ago, and I'm the only actress on earth to get two series [Rescue Me and ABC's The Job] in New York, so for five years I've been doing half a year here and half a year there. And I live with my boyfriend there now. It was fun to be [in N.Y.] beforehand, but now every single day that I have off I fly back." Also, "the [firefighter equipment] is really heavy," she sighs. "It's 65 lbs. of gear. I just finished a fire scene this morning and I'm walking to the chiropractor as we speak. It's more than half of my body weight." And last but not least, well, Numbers simply paid more. "Network money versus cable money," she says with a laugh. "As much as I will miss having a script that you open and it's just so perfect I need to make some money."