If there's one thing Ewan McGregor will never be accused of, it's coyness. Asked if he's ever been like his playboy character in the retro sex comedy Down With Love — i.e. deceiving a woman in order to seduce her — he says: "I'm a man. I've never drugged anyone for a f---. I can quite seriously say that. [But] I've confused them emotionally."

That, however, was a long time ago, so don't expect the married father of two to remember any details. Instead, he offers a few candid quips on Love (which co-stars Ren&#233e Zellweger and opens Friday) and his big-screen future (more nudity is likely, but Porno isn't).

On Down With Love, which pays homage to the '60s films of Doris Day and Rock Hudson: "There was no point in trying to make a modern day sex comedy. We have those already — they're called romantic comedies, and usually not very good."

On the music video, shot two months ago, which accompanies Love's end credits: "I kept saying to them, 'I did Moulin Rouge and Renee did Chicago. Don't you think that we should do a song?' And I couldn't really believe that they were like, 'Well maybe. We'll see.' Are you nuts?!"

On Star Wars: Episode III, which he starts filming next month: "I can't know what I'm looking forward to exploring, because I don't know what the f--- it is about. I haven't seen a script."

On the Goth fans he's likely to attract now that he's wrapped Big Fish with director Tim Burton: "I remember Goths from my teenage years. Fantastic, miserable, black hair and really white — they looked spectacular. That's one of my regrets: I never went to bed with a Goth."

On the possibility of filming Porno, Irvine Welsh's sequel to Trainspotting: "I read [the book] and I loved it, because I got to see what our characters were up to 10 years later. But it didn't move me quite the same way the Trainspotting novel had. It would be terrible to leave the audience remembering a poorer sequel."

On the odds we'll see him nude in another movie, á la The Pillow Book. (Sorry, he only strips down to a towel in Love.): "I wouldn't consider myself an actor if I had a list of things I won't do... It staggers me how big of a deal everyone makes of it, because sadly, in my every day life, I'm naked quite a lot of the time. And yet, the second we put that on screen, everybody s---s themselves. If it's just to see somebody's [genitals], I don't really think that happens as much anymore."