The Evidence
Item: clever show idea. Item: prime-time slot. Item: Martin Landau .

Figure it out yet? Me neither. The evidence above seems to be a solid formula for quality television, but if you actually watched this show, you probably don't even care. Now if you do care, it's likely because you figured out who the murderer was, or you enjoyed Mr. Landau saying "item." Or you own DVDs of both Rush Hour films. And thus we've entered the vortex that is mid-season prime-time dramas. Fun to watch how Hollywood tries to reel us in, sad to watch when it doesn't work. There, I said it. The interactive-viewer thing they're trying may have worked for any hard-core mystery-solving types, but that won't last.

I'm too young to address the Landau issue, but I still know it's an issue. I'm too old to pick on Orlando Jones. At any age, it's apparent that the powers of TV are experimenting... on us. It's so obvious, it's almost like they should just come out and ask. Can't I just text my disappointment? I mean I was entertained, but the gimmick just didn't cut it. They spent more time on the buddy-cop drama than on the actual evidence. I think the idea could have worked, but this episode seemed rushed. Basically, ABC is caught between an island and a Jackie Chan movie. Indeed, everyone is still reeling from the impact of Lost. Who wouldn't try some zany show idea on a Wednesday night in 20 ought 6?

But sadly, Rob Estes is just another white guy with a buzz cut. Orlando Jones wants to be anything but the 7UP guy. The clever and racy barbs between the two were a nice try but somehow uncomfortable. The chase scenes and music kept me busy while I hated the show. Sorry.