The Evidence
I'll be honest: I might watch one more episode. You never know the show is

on pretty late, there could be nudity or something. If it lasts a few more weeks, the "item" gimmick is going to turn into the "will I watch?" gimmick. This week's items were weak at best. Another white guy with a buzz haircut, some aspirin pasta and that crossword puzzle that didn't even have any blood on it. So what if the bat had brains on it? It's after 10 pm show us some good stuff already. Some evidence that the show will be worth watching. I'm not caring about the crime in question. Wet boxing gloves just don't do it for me. At least start off by using aspirin's chemical name, acetylsalicylic acid. Sounds cooler, and makes me want to know what it means.

Again, the buddy-cop thing isn't really working. The racial stuff is good enough, and they keep it real-ish, but I'm just not buying Estes and Jones as buddies. Or cops. Speaking of cops, who's this Rachael Ray rip-off of a police lieutenant? They must be going for the Rene Russo thing, which is cool, but the lieutenant can't be the comic relief. Can not. And the scene where she says "sexual harassment" to Martin Landau... sad. Even the font on the good man's lab coat is cheesy. Granted, without him, we wouldn't get any crime-lab assistants like Anita Briem. The girl is cute. And she talks, apparently. Some sort of accent... I'm not sure, I was doing something else.