Question: Everybody knows Chuck Connors for his show The Rifleman, but he also did a show that was called Branded, and I remember the theme song was pretty good. Did Connors do any other shows?

Answer: That he did, Chris. The late actor and former baseball player also appeared in such series as Werewolf, Arrest and Trial and Cowboy in Africa. You can read more about Werewolf and Arrest and Trial since I've written about them before you can also learn about The Rifleman, for that matter but I haven't had the opportunity to address Cowboy, so thanks for that.

Problem is, there isn't much to say about it. Based on the feature Africa Texas Style!, Cowboy ran for a year on ABC, beginning in September 1967. Connors played rodeo star Jim Sinclair, a cowboy hired by a British game rancher (Ronald Howard) to run his operation. Keeping him company were his Navajo friend (Tom Nardini) and a native lad (Gerald Edwards).