Everybody Hates Chris Im having prime-time déjà vu. How many times have I seen this episode now? Three? I just hope the network programmers dont burn out Chris to a point where no one tunes in anymore. Hell, I wouldnt be watching these reruns if I didnt have to and Im scared that the shows going to lose momentum. Meanwhile, to my knowledge, CW has yet to announce whether it will be bringing Chris

on board, which makes me worry that fans like us are being set up for a fall. Listen to me, oh CW honchos: All of WB's and UPNs other sitcoms suck. Truly. Just cancel em all and put all your funny money into Chris. Its that simple. OK, rant/pathetic plea over. While watching, I spent my time memorizing punch lines and picking out details. Some of my favorites:

  • When Chris complained that he didnt want to wear Drews hand-me-up jacket because it wasnt cool, Julius said: It aint supposed to be cool. Its supposed to be warm. Warm is cool. 
  • Julius response after Chris said Greg got $5 a week from his daddy. Sounds like Greg is doing better than me. Why dont you ask him for an allowance? 
  • Chris Rocks voice-over when Chris accompanied Julius to work: I felt like an Amish kid in Vegas. 
  • Chris Rocks ringing endorsement of Robitussin as a cure-all: aint no fussin with the tussin."

And when Drew and Tanya were sent home from school because of the lead paint, I read the other potential issues listed on the memo: Asbestos. Salmonella. School shooting. Vermin infestation, including Norway rats.

Of course, having no life, I just had to go and look up Norway rats. Apparently thats what we have here in New York. No wonder theyre so damn hardy. Our rats are friggin Aryan!