Everybody Hates Chris
Could someone please tell me why the folks at UPN, or the future CW, or whatever the hell we're calling this channel in limbo, showed a rerun of Everybody Hates Chris that I've seen not once but twice already? (Yet they're still showing new episodes of the wretched

South Beach. Go figure.) This episode is one of the edgier ones, though, with Chris being tapped for the basketball team strictly because of his race. As Chris Rock says, "This is how Milli Vanilli must have felt when they were walking up to accept that Grammy." It's an amusing conceit that is actually more scary than funny. Of course, short and scrawny Chris sucks at b-ball. If only the coach at Corleone had seen Carbon Copy with Denzel Washington, he'd have seen that coming. I love how Rock breaks down the school cliques: jocks, nerds, theater kids (although I always thought the theater kids were the nerds). Embarrassing '80s fashions present: leg warmers, little green sports shorts with white trim and pants with a Michael Jackson-circa-Thriller hem... all worn by the same character! Nice to see Clarence Williams III better known as Linc from the '60s-'70s crime-drama Mod Squad getting work as a mysterious boarder in the Rocks' brownstone. But you know what? As much as I love this show, enough with the reruns, OK? I've memorized this one already.