Randal, <EM>The Apprentice</EM> Randal, The Apprentice
Everybody Hates Chris
I've never noticed how brown

Everybody Hates Chris is (and no, that's not some lame, wannabe

Chris Rock ethnic joke), particularly the Rock-family brownstone (oy, sorry about that pun). The sofa, the wallpaper, they're all '70s earth tones, which actually makes sense since the Rocks wouldn't have the money to decorate with the latest '80s fashion most definitely a good thing. The brand-name toys the kids were hoping for Cabbage Patch Kids, Atari, Coleco reminded me of the good ol' days of television when there were commercials, not product placement. Meanwhile, Chris wanted a generic Walkman (how many viewers under 20 had no friggin' idea what he was talking about?). I dug Rochelle's Farrah 'do apparently the Rocks are so poor, even her haircut is out-of-date and the TV sitting atop a wood-paneled, floor-model TV was classic. That's the urban equivalent of having your car up on cement blocks in your front yard. The do-gooder teacher, Mrs. Morello, gives me chills. Do-gooders are annoying during any decade, but for some reason, they were particularly irksome in the '80s. Although I knew where that final gag was going, Rochelle's ticked-off expression when she opened the front door was hilarious. Serves her right. What kind of a mom gives her kid a calendar for Christmas? I don't care that she's broke. Rack up some credit-card debt like the rest of us!