Everybody Hates ChrisA double dose of Chris

tonight, although both were repeats. But that's OK, the writing was strong enough to make me laugh the second time around. The bike episode reminded me that Rochelle is completely nuts. Why was she freaking out just because Julius cooked and cleaned better than she did? Honey, enjoy yourself! As a Jewish girl who orders in Chinese every night and has a maid, I would love it if my husband could take care of me like that. Rochelle also scared me with her business fashion. Those '80s shirts that tied at the collar, ewwww

. Why did we ever burn bras? We should have just burned those blouses. (At least bras have a purpose.) There was a Do the Right Thing riot clip (yes, Gabe, as per your astute observation, yet another Universal picture) and a bunch of neighborhood thugs with the whitest teeth I've ever seen. The Halloween episode made me howl, with Julius buying bootleg candy (Butterthumb, Nickers) and Greg decked out as Spock, complete with tricorder. As a recovering Trekkie (because there was no such thing as a Trekker back in 1982), I would have been totally hot for him in grade school. And that's why I got my ass kicked every single day. Outfitting Tanya as Darth Vader was genius. She's so evil. And since I'm always saying how much she reminds me of Dee from What's Happening!!, it was apropos for Ernest "Rog" Thomas to make a cameo as the kids trick-or-treated. Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas was back, too, this time as Sweet Tooth the Candy Pimp. Seems like Chris Rock is giving work to all the great black character actors he grew up with. I wonder when Sherman Hemsley will get a booking.

(Once again, Gabe got me good. As he just pointed out to me via e-mail, while Do the Right Thing was indeed a Universal picture, the "U" in UPN doesn't stand for Universal. The "P" stands for Paramount (duh!). So that means that Gabe's theory of Chris only using Paramount movie clips is shot to hell. However, his theory that I am a complete loser is still right on target.)