Everybody Hates Chris Is it just me or is each episode of Chris getting a little more surreal? The quick movie clips that punctuate the proceedings are old hat. But tonight there was an extended Young and the Restless

fantasy sequence that included the soap's soppy theme song. (I'm going to have it stuck in my head for a week, I just know it). And later there was a CSI-like spoof in the science room that used that shows saturated colors effect. I learned something new tonight: the definition of gout. Old folks are always griping about that ailment. Did you happen to notice the size of that TV remote control Julius used when he stayed home sick watching soaps? He could have wielded it as a deadly weapon! As for the main plotline Chris' F I can't say I'm surprised that he sucked at math. He may be a geek but he sure isnt a math nerd people who excel at math are rarely known for their sense of humor. But instead of paying that guy Fisher to dummy up a new report card, Chris would have been better off hiring someone to steal an advance copy of the tests. (That's how we did it in my high school.) I liked that Rochelle was more upset that Chris lied than she was about his failing grade, and it was funny when she showed up in his math class to catch him in the lie/humiliate him. The lecture she gave him afterwards is what makes me love this show  comedy tinged with care: "If you lie, you steal. If you steal, you kill, and I ain't getting' you out of jail." Ah, parental logic at its finest.