If you're an Everwood fan, you've probably heard that Party of Five's Scott Wolf is joining the cast this fall as Dr. Jake Hartman, a hotshot physician who makes a play for Dr. Brown's (Treat Williams) clients. Well, before you could say, "You're a thief and a liar and a drunk!" TV Guide Online rang up the artist forever immortalized as Bailey to get the scoop on his Everwood character, married life and those baby rumors that started, well, just this second!
TV Guide Online: Congrats on the new gig. What have they told you about the character?
Scott Wolf:
Not a ton. I do know that I'm going to be playing a doctor who comes to town and sets up shop in the now-abandoned medical practice across the way. The tension that got relieved by [Abbott and Andy] partnering up takes a new shape when this new guy comes to town and starts to draw a bunch of their business away.

TVGO: It's those dimples — they're hypnotic!
[Laughs] There will be plenty of references to the dimples in the story, I'm sure.

TVGO: I understand that you'll also compete with Dr. Brown over a woman.
Yeah. I don't know very much about it. The love-triangle story will be another layer added on to this.

TVGO: Who's the lady caught in the middle? I'm hearing Nina.
I don't know. I would tell you if I did.

TVGO: Yeah, yeah. Any similarities between Dr. Jake and Bailey? Will he be an alcoholic, too?
[Laughs] No, no, no. I would imagine they're going to try and steer clear of any of that. But in terms of the show itself, it reminds me a lot of Party of Five. Not in the sense that the stories are similar, or even the characters. This show just has such a great heart. It's so character-driven and the acting is such a high quality that it's exciting to be able to go back to work on something that I so believe in.

TVGO: How long are you signed on for?
It's just this one season. It allows them to craft an arc knowing that there's this finite amount of time [that they have me].

TVGO: How's married life? (Wolf wed Real World: New Orleans alum Kelley Limp in May.)Wolf: Fantastic. I couldn't be happier. We just had a great wedding, a great honeymoon...

TVGO: Any plans to start a family?
Not immediately. We're both anxious; we both love the idea of having kids. But we want to give ourselves a chance to be a married couple for a bit. [Pause] You sound like my mother.