Laura Innes Laura Innes

Looks like The Event's supersecretive Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes) — the leader of several longtime detainees of the U.S. government — has started opening up about her group's top-secret origins. Why now? She has faith in U.S. president Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood). "Sophia's got a gut feeling that now, at last, there is a beacon of hope for her people," says the ER vet. "With Martinez, she will do everything she can to maintain the proper order of life, truth and decency."

Currently shooting her seventh episode, Innes has received many more insights into the mysteries behind her character, but still hasn't acted with several of her costars — including central protagonist Jason Ritter (Sean Walker). She's hopeful that she soon will. "The series unfolds all these intricate relationships and reveals how characters are interconnected in unexpected ways," says Innes. Among those unexpected ties will be a suitor for Sophia, "but it's a bit peculiar," hints the actress, "and I can say no more."

One thing's for sure, when the public learns the secret behind Sophia's youthful appearance, she'll be a natural to launch her own skin-care line. Jokes Innes, "QVC, here I come!"

The Event airs Mondays at 9/8c on NBC.

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