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After more than three months off the air, NBC's The Event returns Monday night with a fresh dose of alien drama and even more questions than the first 10 episodes provided answers. Here's a refresher course on where we last saw our characters and a few spoilers on what's coming next:

Leila and Sean: On the hunt for Leila's younger sister, Leila (Sarah Roemer) and Sean (Jason Ritter) discover photos of her father, Michael (Scott Patterson), the pilot who flew the plane that nearly assassinated the president. They show he hasn't aged over several decades, meaning he's one of the aliens. Leila will be quickly reunited with what's left of her family, but given an ultimatum to choose between Sean and her father.

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President Martinez: After learning his vice president was involved in the assassination attempt, Martinez will be faced with a new challenge: A recently deceased senator's wife, who took her husband's place in office and is hungry to uncover what secrets lay at Inostranka, the secret Alaskan prison that is holding the aliens. Meanwhile, Martinez will send Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) to Inostranka in hopes of gaining more information from the detainees. 

Thomas: After failing to kill off his mother, Sophia (Laura Innes), in hopes of swaying their people to his side, Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) sent a communications satellite into space, which relayed a message to his home world; an invitation that could mean the Earth's destruction. Thomas will also stage a violent breakout at Inostranka so he can amass an army his mother will not be able to oppose.

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Sophia: After learning that her people didn't want to leave Earth, Sophia attempts to stop Thomas' cash flow so he will be unable to go through with his plans of taking over the Earth. On the run from the president and desperate to find Thomas, Sophia will enlist Simon's help to break Michael out of prison to gain information on the location of the eventual landing site of their people.

The Event returns Monday at 8/7c on NBC.