Salli Richardson-Whitfield with Colin Ferguson, on Syfy's <I>Eureka</i> Salli Richardson-Whitfield with Colin Ferguson, on Syfy's Eureka

Syfy's Eureka (finally) welcomes viewers back to that crazy Pacific Northwestern town this Friday at 9 pm/ET, and to hear cast member Salli Richardson-Whitfield tell it, the new episodes are pregnant with possibilities.

Quite literally.

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In this video Q&A, Richardson-Whitfield reveals which came first — her own real-life pregnancy, or the one written into Allison Blake's storyline. As for her alter ego's eventual childbirth, she teases, "It's a very big episode... and a real bonding experience between me and Carter."

In her on-camera sit-down, Richardson-Whitfield also weighs in on these topics:

  • Will there be some far-out significance to Allison and Jack's sister, Lexi, being pregnant at the same time?
  • Might Allison and Jack reignite their old spark? Or will the new beauty in town, played by Jaime Ray Newman, monopolize Jack's attention?
  • Which returning face is among this season's guest-stars?

In closing, Richardson-Whitfield teases how "really important things happen" to a certain Eureka resident, driving the storyline for much of the new run.

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